Foil3D™ Digital Foil

No dies, variable designs; Foil3D™ opens up a new wave of creativity and product/packaging branding.

SENSE™ Effects

Augment your printed materials and increase engagement with our SENSE™ tactile finishes.


Using our Variable Data tech, each digital enhancement can be unique and personalized.


At twenty times the depth of traditional spot UV, SculptedUV™ opens a world of visually-enhanced possibilities.

What is FOIL3D™?

We are excited to announce the latest addition to our specialty printing arsenal! Foil3D™ is a revolution in foil printing; applied digitally and with no costly dies necessary, each sheet can be individually designed and typeset. Unlike traditional foil stamping, Foil3D™ supports Variable Data Printing for high-impact direct marketing, and the new technologies opens up specialty finishing to print jobs of all sizes!

why choose FOIL3D™?

Foil3D™ and SculptedUV™ are not just different takes on existing specialty finishing applications…they’re a whole lot more than that. Applied digitally with a proprietary polymer-based technology, our finishes are printed directly on to the paper and then cured in place using UV light! Durable, stunning, more environmentally-friendly and less expensive than traditional finishing options, this is not just an additional printing technique – this is the evolution of print itself.

Variable Data Printing has been around for some time – if you’ve ever received a bill with your name on it more than likely VDP was used to generate the final print. At Foil3D™ we have taken VDP to a new level by integrating it with our foil and UV applications! Specialty foil printing & finishing can now be variably applied to products, packaging, direct mail…almost anything!

At Foil3D, we’ve combined 3D printing and the traditional print process in both our Foil3D™ and Sculpted UV™ SENSE finishes! By allowing for up to 250 microns of variable depth, we imbue your branding, products and packaging with an enticing tactile quality that cannot be achieved by any other means – in a world saturated with choices, SENSE™ finishing will ensure yours stands out from the pack.

By doing away with the cost-prohibitive set up fees traditionally associated with foil stamping, we’ve opened up specialty finishing to an entire new class of print projects and companies.  Whether you’re printing a short run Private Reserve bottle label or 10,000 book covers, we can provide industry-leading price quotes and unparalleled quality.


Digital Foil Printing Labels

JO’LI Wines Branding & Packaging

Illustration, branding, production
Product Packaging Printing

Bioelixir Foil Packaging

Packaging that stands out
Foil Printing

SilverTongue Brewery Promo Piece

Combining our Foil3D™ and SculptedUV™

Chameleon Tactile UV Postcard

Tactile SENSE™ Effects


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